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If you have ever contacted an agency and asked for information on SEO pricing, or how much a new Website for your business should cost - you know that the value proposition is, for the most part the same, but as you may have discovered, pricing is all over the map!

That is because the industry is unregulated, still relatively new and global.

Should a website cost $500? $5,000? Or $25,000?

Should SEO pricing cost $500 / month? $2,000 month? Or $5,000 / month?

The reality is that most business owners and marketing managers don’t know the right price or what the right expectations are.

Consultus Digital can save you money immediately in the short term by selecting the right vendors that offer the right prices. In addition, due to the fact that we are bringing business to these vendors that have saved the cost of of acquisition and sales person commission, we will be able to negotiate the pricing downward. Lastly, because we may bring or may already have a number of our consulted clients with a particular vendor, the volume of business will also serve as leverage in negotiating the right rates.

Of course, Consultus is not financially compensated by the vendors, so that savings will be passed right along to you.

SEO Pricing Should Drive Healthy ROI

Consultus Digital will also save you money in the long term because nothing is more expensive than making the wrong decisions. We help you avoid costly mistakes such as:

  1. Choosing a vendor that doesn’t do any work
  2. Choosing a vendor that disappears and doesn’t complete the job
  3. Choosing a vendor that does more harm to your online presence than good

For example, there are many paid search firms that collect the client’s ad budget directly and spend it on behalf of their client. What the client doesn’t know is that it is common practice for some of these companies, some of which who are even publicly traded, to pocket half of their advertisers Ad Spend. This represents a management fee of 50%.

Often, what we charge to be your strategist and agent, you save in the short term, but most definitely in the long-term.

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