When to Hire a Sales Consultant: Look for these 7 Signs

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As a business owner, there isn’t anything more important than hitting the bottom line and achieving your goals. But in the current, ultra-competitive market, doing better business requires additional expertise and resources that may not be readily available in-house. And rather than tackle issues and brainstorm strategies for growth on your own, you may be better served by having a sales consultant on your team.

So, who are sales consultants, and what do they do? These seasoned, record-breaking experts offer valuable insights into your sales processes, revenue goals, strategies for lead generation and nurturing, customer retention, and more. 

Whether your business is newly launched, you’re struggling with conversions, or you’re preparing for the next phase of growth, a sales consultant is an invaluable resource in doing business and ultimately, building lasting customer relationships. Find out how a sales consultant can help you sell more and better.

What does a sales consultant do?

Most business owners aim for an efficient and streamlined overhead. Every member of your sales team has a specific job to do, whether it’s to manage a territory or specialize in a product or service. So when your sales team is struggling to generate and nurture leads and achieve revenue targets, bringing in a sales consultant only seems to be an added, unnecessary expense.

But don’t dismiss the idea just yet. Sales consultants do more than expand your overhead at a time when it may not appear ideal to do so. Instead, working with a sales consultant is an investment in the future growth of your business. Simply, they enable you to do better business by providing expert-driven strategies for attracting customers, driving revenue, and increasing lifetime customer value.

Here’s how a sales consultant can help struggling sales teams and growing enterprises:

  • Analyze current sales processes and develop strategies for optimization
  • Train sales teams to implement new technology, such as CRM software to improve lead tracking and implement automated customer touchpoints to increase sales
  • Establish strategies for building and maintaining healthy relationships and lasting trust with customers
  • Empower sales teams to improve their product knowledge and understand market competition in order to elevate pitches
  • Rebuilding sales and marketing teams with the goal of synergy and optimizing content development.
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7 Signs You Need a Sales Consultant

Missed sales targets and reduced revenue are just some urgent signs that you need to bring in a sales consultant. But did you know there’s more to sales consulting than just the post mortem on your current sales strategies? Here are the most common signs that your business needs a sales consultant—and the expertise they can share with your sales team:

1. Stalled leads, lost revenue, and unmet sales targets

Losing business is a clear sign that something needs to change, and fast. Bringing in a sales consultant can empower a tired and puzzled sales team. If you have exhausted all sales strategies in your toolbox and are still not meeting optimal conversion and revenue targets, it’s a clear sign that a sales consultant and the fresh insights they can bring are your best bets.

2. Plateaued growth

Have you achieved your initial growth targets but are having trouble moving on to the next phase of growth? The last thing any business owner wants is to plateau — to remain stalled and unable to expand their customer base. A B2B sales consultant can examine the problem with fresh eyes and identify issues that impact the growth of your business in order to address it.

3. You can’t keep up with emerging trends and tech

Sales is constantly evolving, especially with the growth of digital marketing strategies and the rise of digital tools and platforms for automating the sales cycle. CRM implementation, for example, is one of the fastest-rising trends in optimizing the sales process. But not all businesses are equipped for a technology rollout combined with new sales processes.

B2B sales consultants can be a valuable resource in embracing modern ways of doing business and ensuring that you’re at par with the competition in an ever-evolving sales landscape. They can help you implement a CRM and other related sales tools and platforms and optimize your sales process accordingly.

4. High employee turnover

Is your sales team becoming a revolving door? It’s time to bring in a sales consultant to find out why. High turnover rates can be costly in sales. It requires allocating more resources towards onboarding and training, ultimately to little to no ROI as sales reps leave before they are able to start selling. A sales consultant can help identify pressure points that cause this high turnover and recommend solutions for promoting employee retention.

5. Your business goals are beyond your expertise

As a business owner, you’ve successfully built a brand with innovative products and services. And while you may already have reached your immediate target audience, the next cycle — identifying new markets and growing your customer base — may be a bit outside your wheelhouse. This is when a sales consultant may be particularly helpful. They can recommend strategies for expansion and growth, starting with coordinating with sales and marketing teams to develop key messages.

6. You don’t have the necessary resources in-house

It’s no secret that building a sales team is a lot of work. It’s also no secret that many businesses, especially smaller ones, don’t have enough resources in-house to develop new and innovative sales strategies and boost sales. A sales consultant can do all these for much less than building an entire sales department on your own, and the time it takes you away from what you do best.

7. You’re in a time crunch

Need to launch a new sales strategy in time for a product launch or boost revenue to prevent massive losses? B2B sales consultants are the ones to call when you’re in a time crunch. They can optimize your sales and marketing messaging, implement a CRM, develop a launch strategy, and more. You can count on them to get everything done in line with your KPIs.

Work with a Leading Sales Consulting Agency 

Does your business need a B2B sales consultant? If any of these signs apply to you, it’s time to call the sales consultants at Consultus Digital. Our sales consulting agency is ready to help you bring in more sales, and build lasting relationships within your sales team and with your customers.

Our team of sales consultants will help you optimize your sales process, implement CRM and marketing automation tools, and, most importantly, align sales and digital marketing strategies. We’ll help you build a strong sales team — ready to make calls and connect with customers, and fully empowered to meet your shared revenue goals.

Are you struggling to meet your revenue goals? It’s time we looked at your sales process, strategy, and technology. Work with Consultus Digital’s leading B2B sales consultants today to boost sales, and enjoy your best quarter yet.

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