Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses For 2022

Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses For 2022 - Consultus Digital

Here is a look at our list of the Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses For 2022. With a new year ahead, it’s a great time to plan out your career goals and what it will take to achieve them. We see a lot of resumes here at Consultus Digital, and a lot of times they are missing key digital marketing fundamentals for experience. These courses help further your knowledge of digital marketing basics and hone in on key components that we would look for a candidate to have when working at a full-service digital agency like Consultus Digital.

These courses are all free, easy to execute and provide you a certificate to print, add to your LinkedIn and of course your resume when completed.

Let’s dive into more about the free marketing courses, what they get you and where to find them!

1. Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Do you know what Inbound marketing is? It’s a marketing technique for drawing customers to products and services via specific content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and cohesive branding.

Discover the fundamentals of inbound, the inbound methodology and how to apply the knowledge to your business strategy. Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification Course teaches you how to run a successful inbound business, from marketing to sales and even to services.

Find the course HERE

What It Gets You: Certificate

What It Takes:

  • 7 lessons
  • 24 videos
  • 7 quizzes
  • 3hr 38 minutes Completion Time

Hubspot Inbound Marketing - Consultus Digital

2. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is a great way for digital marketers to stay on top of emerging Facebook tools in the world of digital marketing in regards to the available tools and formats. These courses and certification exams help you stand out in your field.

Courses are updated regularly, especially when new Facebook features, platform changes or updates are rolled out. The Facebook Blueprint catalog offers a range of beginner and intermediate courses across some of the following categories: Get Started With Advertising, Advanced Buying Options, Building Awareness, Generating Leads, Media Buying, and much more.

Find the course HERE

What It Gets You: Certification

What It Takes: Blueprint includes over 90 courses. Most of which can be taken in 15-50 minutes. All you need is your Facebook login to start learning!

Facebook Blueprint - Consultus Digital

3. Google Ads & Google Analytics

The Google Ads or Google Analytics certifications are a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads and Google Analytics. These certifications allow individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online marketing and advertising.

You will learn the basics of how to get Google Ads certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping ads, and Google Analytics measurement tools so that you can grow your business through intelligent data collection and analysis. These free marketing courses are offered through Google’s Skillshop with a number of other courses, such as Google My Business, YouTube, and Google Ads Manager.

Find the course HERE

What It Gets You: Certification

What It Takes:

  • ~3.5 Hours – Google Analytics Individual Qualification
  • Pass Assessment, Pass Fundamentals Exam + 1 Other Additional Exam

Google Ads & Google Analytics - Consultus Digital

4. Google Digital Garage – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

An amazing free marketing course that gives you a Certification from Google, in conjunction with Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. This course dives into 26 modules that break down all the basics of Digital Marketing, including, Building Your Web Presence, Online Business Strategy, Get Discovered With Search, Get Noticed Locally, Get Noticed With Social, among others!

These online marketing courses are designed to help you grow your career and your business. It is more aimed at educating beginners on digital marketing but is the perfect course that encompasses many different marketing fundamentals and tactics.

Find the course HERE

What It Gets You: Certificate

What It Takes: 

  • 26 Modules
  • 40 Hours

Google Digital Garage, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing - Consultus Digital

5. Social Media Quickstarter

The easiest breakdown about how to take your business and grow within social media. The Social Media Quickstarter offers step-by-step instructions and guides that you need to start building your social media presence across all of the top social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, and Google My Business).

If you’re wondering if social media is the best move for you in your business right now, it is. Social media gives your business visibility and more of a brand identity, and this course emphasizes the ample amount of opportunities that present themselves when using social platforms to grow your business!

Find the course HERE

What It Gets You: Course Knowledge

What It Takes: Free Time

List of free social media courses from

Have you thought about taking your marketing to the next level?

All of these courses are sure to add to your marketing knowledge and to your resume, they are simple to follow and easy to execute, especially if you’re on a budget or looking to grow your digital marketing skillset.

Learn more about how we can help your business here and what services we offer at Consultus Digital! Contact Us today! Did you find this article helpful? We always appreciate your feedback.

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