Content Repurposing: How to Get More Value Out of Your Blog Content

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How to Repurpose Blog Articles into Other Content Formats

When it comes to developing a strong content marketing strategy that will help improve search engine rankings, blog content should always be your number one priority. And while creating brand-new content is always a good idea, going back into your archives and finding ways to repurpose old articles is a great way to give them more mileage. This is known as content repurposing.

Curious to know more about the benefits of content repurposing and how to execute it? Keep reading.

What Is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing refers to the process of taking blog articles you have already published and finding a creative way to repurpose them and present them in a different format. Think of it like recycling content or creating a spin-off.

Why Should You Repurpose Your Content?

If a certain blog article performs really well, you would want to capitalize on this and use the topic as a jumping-off point for creating other similar pieces of content. 

Another reason for repurposing content is to save yourself time and energy. Content marketers spend hours developing content strategies and coming up with fresh new ideas every week. With repurposing, the idea is to work smarter, not harder. For example, find ways to take a topic for a blog article and use it to create multiple different pieces of content so you can focus more energy on content creation. 

The Benefits of Content Repurposing

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Along with the time-saving aspect, content repurposing offers numerous benefits to your marketing team. Here are just a few of these benefits:

Repurposing Helps to Maintain a Publishing Schedule 

Every content marketer knows that coming up with new ideas weekly to maintain their publishing schedule can be difficult and stressful. The quality of the content and the topics often deteriorates as a result. By repurposing blog articles into new pieces of content, you can maximize your time and maintain a high standard of quality while keeping up with your publishing schedule. 

It Diversifies Your Content Strategy

Blog posts are a great way to gain visibility in search engines, but it’s important to ensure you create a wide range of content formats to reach more people and keep them interested. Content repurposing helps greatly with this, as you already have the topics and content in place; you just need to make some adjustments so that they are suitable for different formats. 

It’s Great For SEO

As previously mentioned, repurposing gives you many opportunities to create new content without spending extra time strategizing topics. When done right, this can be great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as you are publishing several different pieces of content related to one blog article that is already performing well. 

It Drives Your Message Home

According to the Marketing Rule of Seven, a prospect needs to hear your message seven times in order for it to elicit a response. Content repurposing helps ensure that your content is being seen repeatedly in different formats, increasing your chances of generating a response. 

Tips For Successfully Repurposing Blog Content

Not sure where to begin repurposing content? Here are a few ways you can recycle blog posts into fresh new content assets.

Distribute Content on Different Channels

Social media is an incredible way to distribute content, so make sure you are fully utilizing your brand’s social media pages to reach as many people as possible. The benefits of this include:

  • It helps your content reach new people 
  • It increases the longevity of the blog content
  • It drives more traffic back to your website

Make sure that when sharing content to different platforms, you are customizing your messaging and content formats based on the platform you are sharing to. We’ll talk about this a bit more below.

Convert a Blog Article to a Different Format

Condense the information from blog posts into short videos that can be shared on social media or even a podcast. You can even repurpose a blog article into an email newsletter by reducing the word count and making some rewrites so the article is more condensed and suitable for the newsletter format. 

This also ties into the previous point about distributing content on different platforms. Try repurposing content based on the platform you want to share it on. For instance, converting a blog post to a short-form video for TikTok, a whitepaper for LinkedIn, or an eye-catching graphic for Facebook. The possibilities are endless.

Editing Old, Outdated Blog Posts

Perhaps at the beginning of your content marketing journey, you put out a few blog posts just to have some content out on your blog. Chances are they weren’t written by a content marketing professional and weren’t optimized for SEO. As a result, they likely underperformed and did not generate a lot of clicks. If this is the case, it’s a smart idea to revisit these blog posts and make improvements. 

Ways you can do this are:

  • Optimizing your headers
  • Increasing the word count
  • Adding additional headers and subheaders throughout the article
  • Make sure you are following SEO best-practices

Then, you simply re-publish the article by changing the publishing date. This will ensure that the article is properly optimized for SEO and that people clicking on your post are provided with high-quality information that reflects well on your brand. 

Another instance where you would update an older article and re-publish it is if an article contains outdated information. 

Work With an Experienced Content Marketing Agency

Repurposing high-quality blog content is one of the best ways to boost your search rankings and get more visitors to your website. But without a strong marketing team in place to help execute your content marketing strategy, content can slip through the cracks. Instead, consider working with an experienced content marketing agency like Consultus Digital that can help develop relevant, high-quality blog articles and strategize ways to repurpose them to reach as many new customers as possible. 
Contact our team today to find out how we can help you make the most out of your content strategy.

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